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Q1. What should be the district for the purpose of preparation of DEEP? That is whether the revenue district or the educational district should be taken as the unit for planning at the district level? 

Ans:Revenue district should be taken as the unit of planning at the district level. The number of revenue districts is frozen as on 31/3/2002 , and no further bifurcation would be taken into account for planning. Plans of districts bifurcated subsequently would be included in the original unbifurcated district.

Q2.What norms should be followed in creation of posts, other than that of teachers? 

Ans: While sanctioning new non-teacher posts following points may be kept in consideration:

         i.        No new permanent posts should be created.

         ii.        While examining the need of new posts, the feasibility of using the human resources available in the present administrative structure - both the mainline education department and DPEP - should be explored first. If any of the activities cannot be done with the present set up, only then recourse should be made to new posts.

         iii.        The posts being created should be filled only through contract or through deputation. No permanent liability should accrue on the society due to filling up of these posts. 

          iv.       No deputation allowance will be allowed for posts filled through deputation.

The total management cost should be less than 6% of the total cost, separately for each district and also in total for the entire State.

Q3.Whether personnel can be posted for supervision of civil works?

Ans:Personnel can be posted at various levels for civil works supervision, subject to the guidelines mentioned in FAQ No. 2.

Q4.  Whether repairs can be done for classrooms beyond Rs 5000/- per school?

Ans:SSA would fund only upto Rs 5000/- per school per annum for maintenance and repair. However, repairs beyond Rs 5000/- can always be taken up by sourcing other funds such as community contribution, Panchayat Funds, State Government funds, Centrally sponsored schemes, etc.

Q5. What should be the unit cost of civil works in cases where SSA norms are silent?

Ans: The unit cost, where not specifically mentioned in the SSA norms, would depend on the PWD norms of the State. However, in cases where the unit costs are abnormally high, the estimates would be looked into by the Technical Support Group of SSA at the National Level for its recommendations. In case of drinking water facilities and toilets, the PAB has fixed an upper limit of Rs 15000/- and Rs 20000/- respectively. Any additional expenditure for these two items would have to be met by the State through other sources.

Q6. Whether child friendly elements are permitted in schools under SSA?

Ans:  Permanent civil works based child-friendly elements can be provided in the new school buildings sanctioned under SSA, provided they are built in to the unit cost of the school building.

Q7.   Whether boundary walls are permitted under SSA?

Ans: Boundary Walls would be permitted only in extreme cases like hilly terrain, forest areas or urban areas. In other cases boundary walls from SSA funds would not be encouraged.

Q8.  Whether ECCE facilities or EGS centres can be constructed under SSA?

Ans: ECCE facilities or EGS centres cannot be constructed under SSA.

Q9. Whether the 5% limit on cost of construction of BRCs/CRCs is within the 33% civil works limit or over and above the civil works limit?

Ans: The 33% limit on civil works includes expenditure on construction of BRCs and CRCs. Within this overall limit there is a sub-limit of 5% of total annual projected expenditure on construction of BRCs and CRCs.

Q10. Whether ceiling of Rs 6 lakhs for BRC construction and Rs 2 lakhs for CRC construction continue till 2010?

Ans: Yes, as per current approvals. However, it is also expected that BRCs and CRCs would be constructed in the initial years of the programme.

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